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South Korean TV stars to join SING FOR GOLD in Calella and Barcelona

The secret of the “SBS Choir” and why we won't tell more about it


In our list of participants, it is still known as “SBS Choir” from South Korea. This group will be joining the international choir competition “SING FOR GOLD – The World Choral Cup” in Calella/Barcelona in October. But what does “SBS Choir” stand for?

Well, there is still a big secret behind this choir.

In fact, SBS stands for Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS), which is one of the leading South Korean television and radio broadcasters. And “Sing for Gold” is not only the name of the first-ever choir competition for The World Choral Cup to take place from October 12-16, 2022 in Calella and Barcelona. It is also the name of South Korea’s first “choir battle” casting show.

The first broadcast of the show was released on Sep 25 at 6:30 PM on the SBS evening program.

Since then, one choir after another will leave the show in the next episodes until the winning choir is found. And for this one, a special reward is waiting: It is travelling all the way from Korea to Spain in order to participate in “SING FOR GOLD – The World Choral Cup” and compete with other international groups for the first-ever World Choral Cup, which will be awarded in the evening on October 15 after some exciting competition days and a final competition round between the best choirs.

The SBS Choir will be accompanied by a huge film crew that will accompany them every step of the way in Calella and Barcelona. Their trip to Spain and all their experiences on site will then be featured in the final episode of “Sing for Gold” on SBS – and only then the name of the winning choir will be unveiled.

Until then, it is for us: Psssst....the real name of “SBS Choir” remains our secret!

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