Philippine Folklore on stage © MBC Manila

On the way to the Chocolate Hills

Premiere for Philippine Choir Festival 2020

Sing'n'Joy Bohol

Set the stage for the first INTERKULTUR premiere 2020: After Sing´n´Joy Manila 2013 another international choir festival will take place on the archipelago of the Philippines: Sing´n´Joy Bohol 2020 from October 07-11, 2020 is the latest addition to the INTERKULTUR event series. INTERKULTUR initiated this project and the future cooperation with representatives of the province, the city and the diocese, which were sealed during a meeting with Mayor John Geesnell Yap and Thomas Schüle (INTERKULTUR) on January 16.

The island of Bohol is famous for its Chocolate Hills and its tiny endemic Tarsier monkeys. Spectacular beaches and coral reefs attract tourists and adventurers alike to this region, which also features a varied choral culture. The capital city of Bohol Province, Tagbilaran is well known for its awesome and colorful parades, the Tagbilaran City Government Chorale, the Loboc Children's Choir and the historic churches deriving from the Spanish colonial era, which are unique in Asia.

This unrivaled setting with its memorable impressions will be easily accessible for the participants of the choral premiere Sing´n´Joy Bohol 2020: A new international airport on the island offers direct connections from e.g. China, Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore and other countries.

Further information about the festival is available at the website of the event or on Facebook!

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