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Kyiv’s stages open for choral singing in 2020

Cultural center of Eastern Europe welcomes international choir community

International Choir Competition Kyiv

Kyiv, also known as the City of the Golden Domes, embodies not only a significant meaning in the fields of Ukraine culture, but is also of major importance in Orthodox Christianity. Moreover, the third largest city of the former Soviet Union features a complex combination of Soviet architecture, Ukraine Art Deco and moreover a diverse cultural lifestyle. This variety is also reflected in the venues of the International Choir Competition Kyiv 2020, which gathers the international choral community in the Ukraine capital from August 27-31, 2020.

The Opening and Closing Ceremonies, where the host city of Kyiv and the event organizer INTERKULTUR will welcome participating choirs, guests and choir music loving visitors from near and far, is supposed to take place at the representative Column Hall of the Kyiv City Administration. The close-by park with the monument of international friendship is likely to become a general meeting place for choirs of all origin and choral styles.

Competitions are currently scheduled for the Philharmonia (National Philharmonic of Ukraine), which had a considerable share in reviving the Ukrainian national culture throughout the history and hosted international concert celebrities such as Franz Liszt, Sergej Rachmaninov or Leonard Bernstein. In addition, the prestigious National House of Organ and Chamber of Music, located in the St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral, Kyiev’s oldest Catholic church, is supposed to also welcome international choirs.

After a huge fire the National Opera and Ballet Theater of the Ukraine was re-erected 1901 as a Neo-Renaissance building by Viktor Shreter with lavish stucco work, Venetian mirrors, marble stairways, mosaic floors and much more. It outlasted the times without considerable renovations until 1988 and was equipped with state of the art technology to fit nowadays’ requirements. The combination of impressive atmosphere and modern technique makes it the best designated venue for Gala Concerts of outstanding choirs of the event.

More information about the venues and the International Choir Competition Kyiv 2020 can be found at the event’s website or at its Facebook page!

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