Closing Event in Hull 2023 © INTERKULTUR

2025 welcomes two exciting new choir events

Step into the historic charm of Hull or enjoy the natural wonders of Kuching

Hull International Choir Competition

Exciting news from INTERKULTUR for 2025! We're thrilled to announce that two exciting choir events have recently been added to next year’s calendar that promise to elevate the spirit of choral music across the globe.

First, mark your calendars for the Hull International Choir Competition in Great Britain, scheduled from May 2-6, 2025. As Yorkshire's only waterfront city, Hull is a wonderful, vibrant cultural hub with beautiful historical buildings, lively entertainment, traditional pubs and tasty restaurants. After a successful launch in 2023, the competition returns to inspire choirs from around the world to partake in various categories, from Sacred Choral Music a cappella to Pop, Jazz & Gospel. Hull’s rich choral traditions and inclusive cultural initiatives make it the perfect host for this melodious gathering.

Later in the year, from October 15-19, 2025, join us in Kuching, Malaysia, for the inaugural International Choir Competition Sarawak. Located in the heart of Borneo, Kuching offers an enchanting mix of cultural diversity and natural beauty, making it a phenomenal stage for this musical competition. With wonderful venues and diverse categories, each choir will find the perfect platform to showcase their unique sound. Beyond the competition, explore Kuching’s breathtaking rainforests, mountains, and beaches, or take a refreshing cruise along its scenic waterfront.

Two enriching choir events full of cultural exchanges and scenic explorations are waiting for you next year! Interested in being part of it? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to get more information.

Join us in celebrating unity through diversity in song at these remarkable destinations in 2025!


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