Panorama of the city of Sochi

Sochi and its surrounding

A popular and diverse travel destination

Choir Games

Sochi counts as the favorite travel destination for Russians. You can have a beach holiday at the Black Sea or go skiing in the mountains – it’s both possible because of the subtropical climate. More than 80% of the area is part of a national park or the Caucasian biosphere reserve. The city is located more than 145km along the Black Sea coast, so it’s the longest city on the Asian continent.

Sochi is not only for singers a varied destination. Also the Olympic Games 2014 have made use of the breathtaking landscape.

Olympic Games Sign

The territory, where Sochi is located today, was ceded to Russia only in 1829. Prior to this the city was in possession of Georgian Kings and of the Ottoman Empire. Sochi, as we know it today, was official founded in 1898. The city was always known as holiday and spa town with medicinal springs. Especially the wealthy citizens of Moscow and St. Petersburg came to Sochi and built grand mansions. The Russian Art Nouveau architecture can still be seen today.

If you come to Sochi, a visit at the tree of friendship is a must. This tree got branches from many prominent visitors and now many different fruits, like Japanese tangerines, Italian lemons, American Grapefruits and Spanish oranges grow on the tree.

Also worth seeing is the Dendarium park. Between over 2000 trees and bushes from all over the world, peacocks and ostriches walk along. There’s also a ropeway which takes you to a platform, from where you can see the park from above.

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