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World Choir Games 2018

Parade of Nations: Various Voices – One Harmony

Join the world for its celebration of choral music

Singing, dancing, becoming one - in the name of choral music: On July 14, 2018 the participating choirs of the World Choir Games 2018 will transform the way from Tshwane House to Union Buildings into a colorful international stage with the traditional Parade of Nations. The singers, which attended the World Choir Games 2018 during the past 10 days, will gather on this final day of the event to unite for their shared passion and to share their traditional costumes, flags, typical dances and beautiful songs with the world and the host city.

Choir fans, locals, curious onlookers and music lovers are invited to join the way of the parade and to make Tshwane an international, peaceful stage, demonstrating hospitality and open-heartedness of city and its residents. The Parade of Nations starts at Tshwane House at 15:00 but the choirs will gather earlier for their line-up: A perfect opportunity to meet singers from different continents and to socialize with like-minded choral music lovers!

From Tshwane House in Madiba Street, the parade will turn right on Du Toit Street. Afterwards it will turn left on Stanza Bopape Street and proceed straight to the Triangle Park at Madiba and Stanza Bopape Street, in front of the Union Buildings.

Be there and see a showcase of traditional costumes, bright flags and beautiful voices!

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