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On the road to Gangneung

More time to register and digital information events about the 12th World Choir Games

World Choir Games 2022

The city of Gangneung is a dream destination, known for its breathtaking location by the sea in front of fantastic mountain scenery, and ready to welcome thousands of singers to the World Choir Games in the summer of 2022. As it was announced today, choirs that were not able to register for organizational reasons yet can still send their registration until January 31!

Some of you might still be indecisive and are still thinking about participating or not. We’re happy that we found a way to create an excellent opportunity for you to ask all the many, many questions that are coming to your minds at the moment.

The Road to Gangneung

Within the next days, we’re organizing a first round of different online meetings under the slogan “The road to Gangneung” to explain further details about the event and give answers to all your questions. The meetings will be organized specifically for different regions in the world and will be open and free for everybody interested. 

Here’s the schedule and a link to register, join in:

RUSSIA – Dec 11 at 15,00 Moscow time (GMT +3) 
Register here - Russia!
The meeting will be held in Russian.

SOUTH ASIA – Dec 13 at 19,00 Singapore time (GMT +8)
Register here - South Asia!
The meeting will be held in English.

USA & CANADA – Dec 13 at 11,00 Oklahoma time (GMT – 6)
Register here - USA & Canada!
The meeting will be held in English.

PHILIPPINES – Dec 14 at 20,00 Manila Time (GMT +8)
Register here - Philippines!
The meeting will be held in Tagalog.

INDONESIA – Dec 17 at 18,00 Jakarta Time (GMT +7)
Register here - Indonesia!
The meeting will be held in Indonesian.

Meetings for Europe, Africa, Australia & New Zealand and other countries will follow in the second week of January 2022 and of course we will keep you posted on this.

For more information about the 12th World Choir Games in Gangneung, Republic of Korea, please visit the official website:

World Choir Games 2022

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