Evaluation Performance © INTERKULTUR/Nolte Photography

Musical extra for the Deutsche Chormeisterschaft

Evaluation Performances in cooperations with the Choir Association Rhineland-Palatinate

Deutsche Chormeisterschaft

Time for a real premiere: From November 6 - 8, 2020 INTERKULTUR will celebrate its first national choir competition in Koblenz, Germany, which is organised in cooperation with the city of Kobenz. In the context of this event the Choir Association of Rhineland-Palatinate, the State Academy of Music of Rhineland-Palatinate and INTERKULTUR have agreed on a partnership which will provide participating choirs from Rhineland-Palatinate with a special musical bonus. All choirs not participating in the competition can take part in special Evaluation Performances with selected jurors.

These Evaluation Performances are one of the most popular pedagogical offers at INTERKULTUR events. Their main purpose is to obtain expert feedback on the choir's current state of development, to receive suggestions for possible further advancement of the ensemble and/or repertoire, and to discuss general musical issues. For each Evaluation Performance, the participating choir has 45 minutes with a juror at its disposal. This event takes place in the Landesmusikakademie in Engers, where there are rooms available for every size of choir. Interested groups can now register for this offer via the Choir Association Rhineland-Palatinate.

More information about the event and participation possibilities can be obtained at chormeisterschaft.de. For regular updates follow the event also on Facebook!

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