Trophies and medals of the European Choir Games

Handover of the medals and trophies

The university Magdeburg Stendal hands the prizes over to INTERKULTUR

Choir Games

 In order to award the best choirs of the „2nd European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations” with their well-deserved prizes, the specially designed trophies and medals were committed officially to INTERKULTUR. 16 trophies and 160 medals in Gold, Silver and Bronze, are ready for changing their owner.

The Design of the trophies and medals was created by the lecturer and artist Andreas Köppe. The trophies are symbolizing  a globe, a sphere or a water drop, which is catched in a vacuum. Köppe got his inspiration by the famous „Magdeburger Halbkugeln” by Otto van Guericke, which you will also see in the inner city of Magdeburg

INTERKULTUR had put the design of the prizes out for tender and the university Magdeburg Stendal applied for the realization of the project.

Our thanks are going to the artist and his outstanding design. We are happy to hear the best choirs in Magdeburg soon and to nominate the awardees.

By the way, representatives of the university are going to be present in person at the Award Ceremonies. We are already excited to know who of you will get the sought-after prizes!

Only 2 days left till it’s all starting

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