Günter Titsch meets the mayor of the city of Málaga

Application for hosting the World Choir Games 2018

INTERKULTUR president Günter Titsch visits Málaga

Choir Games

Even before the beginning of the World Choir Games 2016, which will take place from July 06-16, 2016 in Sochi (Russia), the planning for the subsequent and the world’s biggest international choral event in 2018 has started. INTERKULTUR already received five applications from cities from Asia, Europe, Africa and the USA intending to host the World Choir Games in July 2018 – amongst them Málaga, the second largest city in Andalusia.

On this occasion INTERKULTUR’s president Günter Titsch visited the Spanish city located at the Costa del Sol a few days ago. Fransisco de la Torre Prados, mayor of the city of Málaga, expressed his pleasure regarding the personal visit of the founder of the World Choir Games during a short speech.

With "Canta en Primavera - Festival Coral Internacional", which attracted in 2014 and 2015 more than 400 enthusiastic singers from 15 nations, gathering for a peaceful competition at the Mediterranean coast, Málaga has already proven to be an outstanding host of a choral competition.

With its numerous cultural venues such as the cathedral Catedral de la Encarnación, its churches, picturesque places and architectural artwork Málaga provides ideal conditions for a get-together of the whole choral world at the World Choir Games. Close to this impressive metropolis several touristic highlights such as Seville, Granada and Gibraltar are located. "During our long-time cooperation with the city of Málaga and during each INTERKULTUR event taking place here I was always impressed by our partner‘s organisational engagement and the Mediterranean atmosphere of the region", Günter Titsch explained. "Málaga offers perfect conditions for an intercultural exchange in this range."

During the meeting at the historical town hall Günter Titsch presented the recently published illustrated book "Freiheit und Mut – Was wir Walter Scheel verdanken" to the mayor – an appreciation of the former Federal President and INTERKULTUR’s honorary president including  articles e.g. by Henry Kissinger, Hans-Dietrich Genscher and Helmut Schmidt as well as a text by Günter Titsch.

The application of Málaga is being supported by the region of Andalusia, the tourism patronage of the Costa del Sol as well as the Spanish government in Madrid. Which city will finally welcome thousands of singers to the 10th World Choir Games 2018 will be announced by the INTERKULTUR Decisions Committee during the next weeks.

Panorama of Málaga Plaza de la Constitucion in Málaga
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