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“Walking into the World Choral Music”

Choral Conductor Seminar in Guiyang, China 2018

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There have been multiple wonderful choral events around the world these past months. This fall INTERKULTUR has come to Guiyang together with Ms Peng Meng Hsien from Chinese Taipei. The “Walking into the World Choral Music” Choral Conductor Seminar hosted by INTERKULTUR China, Guiyang Academy of Arts and Guizhou Normal University Music School took place in Guiyang China during October 26-28, 2018 and has gathered nearly 200 conductors and music teachers from all over China. This is also the first integration event since the announcement of cooperation of the base in Guiyang last October.

Ms Peng Meng Hsien and The Müller Chamber Choir under her lead has great impact on the choral scene in China and has inspired young conductors and musicians in so many different ways. The seminar had a tight schedule and was full of practical information. Guizhou Normal University Boyan Choir, Guizhou Minzu University Male Choir and Guiyang No.1 Middle School Choir acted as studio choir through the seminar and staged a wonderful concert on the last day. The hall of nearly 800 audiences cherished their passion towards choral music and the great improvement they showed.

Workshop in China © INTERKULTUR China Workshop in China © INTERKULTUR China
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