Individual Singer against black backdrop © Nolte Photography

Your Soundtrack of Hope during lockdown

Which song kept your spirits high during a global low?

Choir Stories

Music is our ever-accessible shelter and refuge whenever our souls struggle! We sing to feel alive, to find inspiration, to give support, to feel part of a community, to inspire courage and hope even in the darkest hours. We cling to a good song that cherishes our souls and lifts our spirits just as a baby clings to their favorite teddy bear.

Why else would a sea shanty such as “Soon May the Wellerman Come” go viral in these times, shared and duetted thousands of times by vocalists and instrumentalists alike, with many variations proliferating online. Just as a shantyman would distract sailors from their toil through song by enlivening their tasks and establishing a rhythm, so does a good song help us elevate ourselves above the daily struggle, makes us part of a whole and lessens our suffering through the common beat of the group singing! It is this communitarian aesthetic that eventually gives our life purpose and meaning!

Which song was playing in your head as you read these lines? Which song was your refuge, your lightning rod, your source of energy, during these times? The ever-present humming melody as you went through the day?

Share with us the soundtrack of your lockdown and let us pool some positive energy for everyone to recharge! We will share a selection of songs on our Facebook page