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Voice of the month

INTERKULTUR is looking for the „Voice of the month“ – your special voice moments!

Your Voice

The scream of a newborn, the laugh of a child, the shout of joy when your deepest wishes come true, your voice as a beatbox, to finally sing again after a cold, to sing together on stage, the first words of a child, to sing the first duet and to realize how perfect the voice match, to win a singing competition, the scream when you get extremely frightened, to hear your own voice at the first record, to hear your voice on radio, to sing a solo finally, to learn yodelling, to be a voice acrobat, to join the win of your favorite football-team, a hearty laughter, the ability to imitate animal voices, to feel like a star and sing loud in an unwatched moment, to sing with a helium-voice…

All these situations stand for a moment, when the voice comes especially to light. Maybe you came to think of a related voice moment while reading, which is extremely specific and unique, that you would never forget. So tell us! Please try to make that moment hearable with the aid of a video or a voice record to share with our community!

Every month we’d like to announce the „Voice of the month“, for that we need your help. Send us your ideas and a short description included, why your voice moment is so unique like no other, what the moment means for you and why it should be picked as „Voice of the month“. Every month we’d like to choose one exciting voice record and share it with you!

Send us your Voice to online(at) and be part of our series!

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