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Singing for peace

Choirs from all over the world unite to one big choir

International Choral Scene

INTERKULTUR has been following the idea of singing together on a peaceful basis since its beginnings. Every year reams of Singing Together, Friendship Concerts, Project Choirs and other concerts have been organized with international singers to pursuits this ethos.

INTERKULTUR has experienced the phenomenon of singing together at last in Magdeburg during the European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations and in Wernigerode at the Int. Johannes-Brahms Choir Festival & Competition. Singers from different parts of the world have sung in musical harmony, shared their love for music and for one moment they lived peacefully and free from all worries.

Nowadays it isn`t naturally to get together in peace. A lot of nations are fighting with political unrest, poverty and war.

All the more music is an instrument for crossing borders and to sing together under their safeguarding roof. Also in Magdeburg 2015 eight choirs from seven countries have worked together and sung for the global peace. The Concert for Peace in Magdeburg has enjoyed popularity. Thousands of listeners have assimilated the mind of peace.

Also the project „One day one choir” from England follows the mind of singing together for peace. The idea behind is to unite people from all over the world to choirs and sing songs for the peace on World Peace Day (September 21, 2015). In particular the project is supposed to animate to bethink oneself of their own situation, to be lucky for living in peace, at school, at home or work.

This project emphasizes the importance of a peaceful togetherness. More information about “One day one choir” and its participation can be found on the projects` website.