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Indian and Western culture coming together

On Sunday, September 20 at 19h the Indian choral work "Shanmuga Kavacham" will be premiered in the Hessian city of Wiesbaden. Under the direction of the conductor, producer and INTERKULTUR adjudicator Nicol Matt the work, which is created as mantra-composition will be performed by the renowned "Chamber Choir of Europe".

The work bridges two cultures on a musical way, by uniting Indian philosophy and classical choral traditions from the Western states. The composer, Ganesh B. Kumar from Chennai, India, created the Music to an old Indian Mantra from the year 1891, which was written by the well-known Indian saint and poet Srimath Pamban Swamigal. 30 verses in Tamil language have been set to a cappella music.

In the Hinduism mantras are highly valued, because they have a healing effect on the body, soul and spirit. The popular mantra "Shanmuga Kavacham" aims to a reincarnation of the God Shiva and is understood as rogation, to protect humans from dangers. The Choral-Mantra-Concert is said to create a sound space, which touches the people in all their senses.

The Indian-German cooperation can be understood as musical project for intercultural understanding, in which 24 young singers as well as two soloists (tenor and soprano) from Europe, India and the USA will take part. "Our aim is to start a project in Tamil language, which will attract the world’s attention." said the Indian composer Ganesh B. Kumar. The singers received extra instructions from Indian linguists, to sing the Tamil language authentically.

The project shows, that music brings people together, no matter to which nationality or religion they belong to and how easy it is to promote international understanding.

The following video will provide insights into the Indian-German cooperation.

Detailed information can be found on the project's official website.