International Choral Scene

INTERKULTUR brings choirs from China and Sweden together

"Stay with me" is a musical message into the world

China and many countries around the world are facing a difficult situation at the moment. The COVID-19 is increasingly spreading, with more and more people being infected in different countries every day.

With that in mind INTERKULTUR has brought together two choirs virtually for a special activity to send out an important message to all people in the world and to accompany them through these tough times. The song “Stay with me” by the Chinese composer Cao Guanyu is the center piece of the campaign and was recorded by the Örebro Chamber Choir from Sweden under the direction of Fred Sjöberg and the South China Normal University Choir from Guangzhou under the direction of Su Yanhui.

The song “Stay with me” was originally dedicated to the city of Wuhan under Coronavirus lockdown, but in the current difficult times with threats of disease, natural disasters and xenophobia, a clear statement is needed. All people are affected by the effects of wars, hatred between nations and the exploitation of nature by man. It is important that INTERKULTUR as an organization, together with its worldwide network, sends a clear message that we stand together and do everything in our power to make the world a little bit better.

INTERKULTUR’s First Vice President and General Director of INTERKULTUR China, Wang Qin explains the idea and the background of this special activity and the newly produced video, which marks only the start of several activities, which are related to the “Stay with me” project and will take place in the upcoming weeks:

"When people, in China first and now all over the world, were affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, we decided to show with a special campaign that we want to stand by them and accompany them through this difficult time. When I heard and saw 'Stay with me' for the first time, I was very moved by the piece and immediately sent it to my colleagues. Our Artistic Director Fred Sjöberg was instantly inspired, too. So we decided to start our special campaign with this piece and developed our first idea further. I am sure that through this music we can build a bridge and show that we stand together in love as one big family that comforts, supports and accompanies each other during this time".

INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch also supports this special project:

"It has been our mission for over 30 years to bring people of all nations peacefully together and with this activity we want to show that we have to stand by each other also in such tough times. ‘Stay with me' is a hymn of solidarity and confidence to spread love, peace and hope for our common future among all people in the whole world. Our video calls everybody to look forward with warm-heartedness and optimism, and to value our earth, nature and our global community more again.”


The "Stay with me" video launches a series of activities to remind us all of our responsibility for the world, nature and all people, which will also be visible at INTERKULTUR events in the coming months. INTERKULTUR calls the international choral world to overcome the current hard times together.

Choirs interested in the scores of this piece to spread the message in their respective countries can contact us via e-mail, we will be happy to make it available to everyone. The composer Cao Guanyu herself has given INTERKULTUR permission to distribute the music to all choirs free of charge.