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Sing about love, beauty, truth, peace

Chorus America calls on choirs to #Sing1Voice

Advent season is a perfect timing for this calling on choirs by Chorus America: The idea of #Sing1Voice is based on a commitment to […]

International Choral Scene

Successfull integration through choral singing

Conductor Bastian Holze about working with refugees and Berlin residents in the encounter choir

1. What is behind the idea of founding a choir with singers from Germany and refugees from the world’s conflict areas? What made you sure […]

International Choral Scene

Songs for Peace

Top 10 of the most touching peace songs

In times of global economic and political unrest, there is hardly a better time to reflect on the truly important things in life: the world […]

International Choral Scene

Dreaming of the big TV gig

Many media stations give choirs another chance

“Last Choir Standing”, “Battle of the choirs”, “Clash of Choirs”, “Grand Prix der Chöre” – these choir competitions captured the TV […]

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The 500 Choir Challenge

500 choirs sing A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

On the occasion of the recently started Luther year 2017 due to the 500th anniversary of Luther's posting of his thesis, the foundation […]

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Fan favorite and overall winner

Stellenbosch University Choir wins national TV show

Stellenbosch University Choir from South Africa – long-term leader of the INTERKULTUR World Rankings and record World Choir Games Champion […]


Sing - The movie

An animal competition will be released in cinemas in December 2016

From December 8, 2016 on the cinemas call for: "Sing"! The music animation film produced by Illumination Entertainment brings the phenomenon […]

Your Voice

5 things to proof that you should sing in a choir

Stop singing along in the shower or in the car - join a choir!

No more warbling away under the shower, just to be softly listened only by the neighbors. Here are some reasons for singing in a choir: 1. […]


Frankfurt: On stage with Voces8

Workshop Choir sang in concert together with the success ensemble from England

On Sunday evening, September 18, approximately 80 singers concerted together with Voces8 on stage at the Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten in […]

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Sacred Choral Music from Nigeria

Lagos City Chorale took part in Musica Sacra International

Emeka Nwokedi is a member of the World Choir Council and founder of the Lagos City Chorale from Nigeria. He founded the choir in 1988 in […]