Frankfurt: On stage with Voces8

Workshop Choir sang in concert together with the success ensemble from England

On Sunday evening, September 18, approximately 80 singers concerted together with Voces8 on stage at the Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten in […]

International Choral Scene

Sacred Choral Music from Nigeria

Lagos City Chorale took part in Musica Sacra International

Emeka Nwokedi is a member of the World Choir Council and founder of the Lagos City Chorale from Nigeria. He founded the choir in 1988 in […]

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Sing on Peace Day!

Jane Hanson and her vision for One Day One Choir

Last year we reported on the international choral project "One Day One Choir", an occasion for choirs from all over the world to sing […]

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Today we all sing together

The Berlin encounter choir at the citizens' fair of the Federal President Joachim Gauck

Singing together means to leave all differences in origin, language, religion and culture behind you and to focus on being together in […]


The National Anthem of South Africa

A book by Ludumo Magangane documents the works` interesting history

Did you ever heard about a song combining new English lyrics with extracts of a church hymn and a poem, employing all in all five different […]

World of Voices

The power of music

Why singing together is a great healer

The world can be a scary and upsetting place. Here in the UK we’re witnessing political infighting, uncertain futures, austerity measures […]

Your Voice

Astonish your audience!

5 top tips to give your choir the WOW factor!

There are many ways in which we can transform our choir’s performance from good to great. Here are five top tips for conductors: Techniques […]

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"Golden Mask" Award for Carmina Slovenica

Karmina Silec about a project that recently received important recognition in Russia.

Performance by Carmina Slovenica was awarded with the “Golden Mask” for “When the Mountain changed its clothing”. The Golden Mask was given […]

International Choral Scene

Choral music in Benin

Felix Nassi about the choral situation of his home country

Choral music for a long time was only connected to the Christian churches in Benin, but nowadays more and more it has become a popular art […]

International Choral Scene

South Africa - land of singing

Stellenbosch University Choir holds #1 in the INTERKULTUR World Rankings

"Since its beginnings choirs from South Africa have been fascinating the audience and the singers from all over the world at the INTERKULTUR […]