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Vocal techniques for the young singer

Henry Leck from the USA describes some vocal techniques especially for young singers at the "International Symposium on children and youth […]

Changing Choral Sound through Mental Focus, Vowel Uniformity, Movement, Visualization, Conducting Gesture, Weight and Colour. Learning […]

World of Voices

Miracles happen

Choir members of the Theater Choir “Vinger in je Oor” from the Netherlands recently had just one wish: Having Erland Dalen from Norway to […]

“Our Theatre-choir "Vinger in je Oor" (Holland) visited the choir festival ‘Canta al mar’ in Calella last October. Unfortunately, our […]

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Professional qualification with INTERKULTUR

Making precious experiences at workshops and seminars with international choral experts

INTERKULTUR has been offering workshops and seminars for many years. During these workshops, choirs, conductors, and individuals learn about […]

World of Voices

Husband confesses: While the wife is at choir practice…

His wife is a singer in the female choir "Philomela" from Finland and every Wednesday night he's watching the children while she's at choir […]

"My wife’s choir nights are a peculiar thing. First of all, they’re the best excuse for never having to go into meetings on late Wednesday […]

International Choral Scene

Social choir projects in Brazil

Helma Haller from Brazil, member of the World Choir Council, reports about how choir singing becomes more and more an important tool to […]

„There are many institutions, social projects and church actions with vision that music and art has the power to transform society. Inspired […]

International Choral Scene

Nelson Mandela and the choral movement in South Africa

Ludumo Magangane, member of the World Choir Council from South Africa, about Nelson Mandela and the choral movement in his country

PreambleI need to mention that during the struggle for liberation in South Africa, both the visual and performing arts depicted the Black […]

International Choral Scene

The Toi Toi experience

John Galea from Malta, member of the World Choir Council, tells us about Toi Toi: A phrase used to wish good luck to an artist before going […]

The vision of Toi Toi is to inspire all children to be creative and incorporate arts as part of their lifestyle.  The mission is to find and […]

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Voice of the month

INTERKULTUR is looking for the „Voice of the month“ – your special voice moments!

The scream of a newborn, the laugh of a child, the shout of joy when your deepest wishes come true, your voice as a beatbox, to finally sing […]

International Choral Scene

Gregory Simms presents his country and its choral music

The member of the World Choir Council from Jamaica, Gregory Simms, presents his country and its choral music. He is Principal Director of […]

„My little country Jamaica is known all over the world for beautiful white sand beaches, mesmeric reggae music and athletic superstars.  We […]

Your Voice

How to sing in a correct way

As member of a choir you deal intensively with your own voice and its sound. Although the voice is just one part of the choral sound, you […]

Some singers get a professional voice training to learn, how to sing right – maybe you too. But what means 'correct singing'? There are […]