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Walter Scheel and the Chinese-German relations

Kulturforum continues the legacy of the former Federal President

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Walter Scheel's death leaves many traces, both for his family, friends in politics but also for INTERKULTUR. Since many years he supported the association as a good friend and advisor. As Scheel promoted the idea in its cosmopolitan and groundbreaking policy, INTERKULTUR builds worldwide bridges between peoples with its international choral competitions since 1988.

Focusing on the relationship between China and the Federal Republic of Germany, the Cultural Forum was founded in 2014, dedicated to the former Federal President Scheel and continuing his legacy.

The forum aims to promote the Chinese-German cultural exchange that Walter Scheel had promoted in his years as foreign minister. Together with Willy Brandt Scheel designed a farsighted and future-oriented policy, whose fruits were quickly realized in the diplomatic relationship of China and the Federal Republic of Germany.