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World Rankings

Update of the INTERKULTUR World Rankings

The latest success stories of top class choirs

Following the first INTERKULTUR events in 2016 the world rankings have been updated. By now all results of the following competitions are included into the most popular ranking of choral music: Sing'n'Joy Provo, 13th International Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl, and 30th International Franz Schubert Choir Competition.

All results from the recent competitions have now been included in the evaluation of the world’s top choirs. The calculation of the world rankings results from the points that choirs gained for their participation in competitions.

We are delighted to announce some changes regarding the Top 50.

Seisen High School Choir (conductor: Mikiko Sato)

In Bad Ischl the young choir has not only won the Grand Prize, furthermore entered the World Rankings in three different categories: 14th place in the category Sacred Choral Music, the 23th place in the category Folklore and the 24th place in the category Children’s Choirs. Congratulations!

Tartu Akadeemiline Meeskoor (conductors: Alo Ritsing & Kuno Kerge)

The charming Men’s Choir from Estonia achieves place 36 of Top 50 in the category Folklore due to their participation in the event in Bad Ischl. Thank you for the wonderful and entertaining moments!

Bunte Steine (conductor: Katharina Wincor)

During our festival in the European capital of music, Vienna, the Austrian choir “Bunte Steine” impressed its audience with choral music in the category Chamber Choir & Vocal Ensembles. The singers more than deserve a 22th place in the Top 50 in this category!

Kammerkoret Bocca (conductor: Ive Buch Romme)

Also the Kammerkoret Bocca achieved outstanding results in Vienna. In addition to winning the Grand Prize the choir from Norway is now ranked on place 24 of Top 50 within Chamber Choirs and Vocal Ensembles. Congratulations!

Take a look at the complete world rankings including all points scored at our website.

All competitions are based on  the MUSICA MUNDI evaluation system. This gives an impressive overall comparison between all choirs that have participated in the choir competitions by INTERKULTUR.