Second INTERKULTUR Video Award to be launched

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After the tremendous success of the first edition, INTERKULTUR wants to encourage choirs from all over the world in a new interesting challenge:

“Singing together brings nations together” is the motto of INTERKULTUR. Unfortunately this was not possible in person this year due to the pandemic. However, we should not be discouraged by this and would like to invite you to our second INTERKULTUR VIDEO AWARD, which will bring choirs from all over the world together, at least virtually. In this way we want to stimulate the further development of our motto, even in a time when travelling is not easy or possible.

INTERKULTUR is looking forward to videos of choirs who already know each other, maybe thanks to our past events, and of course support choirs who want to find a partner choir for this project.

Take part in the second INTERKULTUR VIDEO AWARD and don‘t miss the opportunity to make new friends, perform virtually in the homes of thousands of choir lovers around the world and be ready to meet in real life as soon as we are back on a real stage!

Until November 25, 2020 two existing amateur choirs can hand in a yet unpublished choir video with a song of their choice, which will be presented on INTERKULTUR.TV starting on December 1.

The Award will be given at the first 3 places in the categories “Choirs a cappella” and “Choirs with accompaniment” and the winners will be published on December 24, 2020. All participants will have a Diploma and additional Special Prizes can be awarded by the Jury. The main evaluation criteria for all competition entries will consider creativity, choral performance and production.

The guidelines for the INTERKULTUR Video Award are available for download here:


The registration form can be found here:

Registration Form_INTERKULTURVideoAward.pdf

A folder with a summary of the project and some additional information can be downloaded here:


Are you looking for a choir for this project? Here you can post your availability and we will help you to find it!

All submissions should be send via WeTransfer to video-award(at) Regular updates about the INTERKULTUR Video Award will be published on the INTERKULTUR official Facebook page and on