Group photo: CCA and INTERKULTUR representatives © Roger Schmidt
Günter Titsch

President Günter Titsch meets chairmen of the Chinese Chorus Association

Confident talks on the edges of the World Choir Games

The presidency of the influential China Chorus Association (CCA) met INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch and Vice President Wang Qin on the edges of the 9th World Choir Games in Sochi, Russia. The confident talks with CCA President Li Peizhi as well as the Vice Presidents and Secretary General Li Yiaoxiang and Zhi Yingwen aimed to intensify the collaboration between INTERKULTUR and the CCA.

In his welcoming speech Günter Titsch appreciated the excellent development and achievements of Chinese choirs in the last decade, for example at the World Choir Games in the Chinese cities of Xiamen (2006) and Shaoxing (2010) as well as the Choir Championships in Guangzhou (2012). These choir festivals were a unifying experience especially for young people regarding a mutual understanding and getting to know each other through singing in a peaceful competition.

INTERKULTUR Vice President Wang Qin thanked the CCA Presidents for constant support by the Chinese association. China was an important country for INTERKULTUR, which is proofed by the participation of 109 Chinese choirs in Sochi.

Li Peizhi highlighted Titsch as an “old friend” who highly contributed to the further development of the Chinese choral movement. With regard to the future the association will continue to collaborate internationally to improve the choirs’ performance level, especially through the pedagogical education of choral conductors. The shared aim is to intensify the relations with INTERKULTUR.

During the currently running World Choir Games in Sochi the CCA Presidents will participate in the meeting of the World Choir Council, the highest Advisory Board of INTERKULTUR representing the international choral movement and discuss with the international delegates.

(Roger Schmidt)