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Plans for further cooperation between INTERKULTUR and the city of Guangzhou

Letter of intent regarding an international youth culture exchange has been signed

The cooperation between INTERKULTUR and the South Chinese city of Guangzhou is still growing. Last week a delegation from Guangzhou led by Lu Zhiaqing, Director General of Administration of Press, Publication, Radio and Television of Guangzhou, visited INTERKULTUR’s central office in Germany, in order to discuss further steps of cooperation and development oft he German-Chinese cultural exchange.

An outstanding result of these talks is a letter of intent signed by Lu Zhiqaing and Wang Qin, General Director of INTERKULTUR China and INTERKULTUR Vice President. This letter shows the common intent of building up platform for international youth culture exchange through culture and arts. The project is designed tob e launched in the second half of 2018 and planned to invite high-level choirs from Europe, Africa, Asia and China to perform in Guangzhou. This initiative is supposed to promote Guangzhou as the historic starting point oft he Maritime Silk Road and establish the city worldwide as official „World Choir Capital City“.

Both parties believe to take the opportunity during the declaration of World Heritage of Maritime Silk Road to jointly promote the advanced development of choral culture and to establish the „World Choir Capital City“ culture brand image of Guangzhou, for the implementation of the „Belt and Road Initiative“.

The Chinese city of Guangzhou has been officially a „World Choir Capital City“ since 2012. INTERKULTUR had awarded this title to the city together with the World Choir Council after the outstanding success of the „Xinghai Prize International Choir Championships 2012“ in Guangzhou.

(Newly crowned "Eurovision Choir of the Year 2017" Carmen manet from Slovenia sings the official song of the Xinghai Prize Int. Choir Championships in Guangzhou: "We'll sing Auld Lang Syne")