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INTERKULTUR cooperates with China International Chorus Festival

The 15th China International Chorus Festival attracted international attention through its online premiere at the beginning of October. More than 400 choirs from all over the world participated in this first online edition of the China International Chorus festival.

INTERKULTUR cooperated with the China International Chorus Festival and recommended choirs from its international network to participate in the online showcase, among them the three winning choirs from INTERKULTUR’s first Online Choir Competition – Mzansi Youth Choir (South Africa), TU Wien Chor (Austria) and the Armenian Little Singers (Armenia). Along with, choirs from, among others, Australia, Germany, France, Nigeria, Russia, Turkey, Brazil and Zimbabwe, they appeared on the website of the China International Chorus Festival for an online choir showcase.

This event marked the first step of INTERKULTUR's corporation with China International Chorus Festival. According to its motto “Singing together brings nations together” INTERKULTUR is concerned to support choral singers all over the world as much as possible, especially in current times, where choral singing is highly restricted by the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic.

“The online choir showcase by the China International Chorus Festival has impressively shown that choirs are still alive. Their singers are still active and their voices and their music have not fallen silent despite all the current troubles”, says INTERKULTUR’s first Vice President Wang Qin with regard to this cooperation. “We’re proud that many choirs from our international network have made it into this online showcase and are very pleased that we’re able to set a positive sign through our future cooperation with the China International Chorus Festival: The international choral world is standing together and is joining its forces in order to counter the global COVID-19  pandemic and emerge stronger from these difficult times.”

The full online choir showcase of the China International Chorus Festival including a total of 200 choral videos from all over the world can be found here.