Let the choirs continue with singing!

Let the choirs continue with singing!

INTERKULTUR supports persistent demands of German choirs to the political arena

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With an appeal to the Länder prime ministers, INTERKULTUR supports the current demand of German choirs, choir boards and choral associations for new concepts that give all singers the opportunity to continue meeting and singing together indoors after the end of the open-air season.

The letter from INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch states among other things: "In these times of uncertainties, especially music as a unifying and encouraging force can be a decisive source of hope for people. The community of a choir provides support, a perspective and confidence for many people. [...] It is therefore very dear to us to advance the choirs' efforts to achieve a certain normalcy and to give German choirs a new perspective! [...] This is not mainly about concerts and official performances in front of a large audience, but especially about regular choir rehearsals, which are of fundamental importance for the choir community and the existence of a choir group.“

Choral singing is one of the oldest cultural assets in Germany. At present, almost 5 million choral singers are affected by the current restrictions affecting their rehearsal possibilities. INTERKULTUR recently accompanied four choirs from Hessen during their practice in difficult conditions and documented their activities in a film.

The film impressively shows that choir singers in particular comply with the required hygiene regulations in an extremely responsible manner in order not to have to give up singing together and to prevent a nationwide decline of choirs. However, it is just as clearly documented that in the upcoming autumn and winter months such rehearsals will no longer be possible outdoors. The film about choir rehearsals in times of the pandemic can be seen here.