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World Rankings

INTERKULTUR World Rankings updated

Final update before the 10th World Choir Games

Kobe (Japan), Assisi (Italy), Bad Ischl (Austria), Helsingborg (Sweden), Wien (Austria) and Zwickau (Germany) – these cities and their INTERKULTUR choir competitions kept the current world rankings in motion in the run-up of the World Choir Games in Tshwane. The results of these events have been included in this chart, but no significant changes occurred with regards to the first ranks of the Top 1000.

The most successful new entry was accomplished by the iSing Silicon Valley Girlchoir from the USA, wo entered the overall ranking on the 21st place.

The Female Choir "Venda" of Ventspils Culture Centre from Latvia conquered the 13th place in the ranking of Female Choirs due to becoming double category winner in Assisi 2018. Place 1 and 2 are led by Norway and the Kvindelige Studenters Sangforening Oslo and the choir Cantus – only 6 points separate these two choirs but only Cantus will be in Tshwane and has the chance to increase its ranking due to its performance on site.

"Venda" of Ventspils Culture Centre is the best (and only) newcomer in category Folklore with its 39th place. China still occupies the pole position and the 2nd place with the Guangdong Experimental Middle School Choir and the Student Choir of Nankai University.

The Hwa Chong Choir from Singapore is the best newcomer with place 6 in category Mixed Choirs; in Pop, Jazz, Gospel, Spiritual & Barbershop this title is held by the Mukogawa Women's University Senior High School Choir from Japan (place 30). In category Sacred Music & Music of the Religions once again the iSing Silicon Valley Girlchoir from the USA reached place 6 and thus achieved the best new entry.

The INTERKULTUR world ranking is based on all competition results since 2000 including all events which took place in 2018 before the World Choir Games. The evaluation of all INTERKULTUR competitions rests upon the MUSICA MUNDI evaluation system which provides an impressive overall comparison of all choirs that have ever participated – the results are the different INTERKULTUR world rankings, which are divided up into separate categories.

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