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World Rankings

INTERKULTUR World Rankings updated!

New entries after the first events in 2019

Since 2000 INTERKULTUR has been running the only World Rankings for choirs, which includes the results of the competitions of all INTERKULTUR events. For the first half of 2019, the results from the events in Maastricht, Princeton, Perugia/Assisi, Riga and Hoi An have now been included in the ranking.

The Canadian choir Les Voix Boréales achieved the highest new entry in the TOP 1000 on place 98 after its category victory and winning the Grand Prix at Sing'n'Joy Princeton 2019. But only one point separates them from the second successful newcomer in the TOP 1000: The Sibelius High School Chamber Choir from Finland under Reijo Aittakumpu brought three category victories (Folklore, Youth Choirs of Mixed Voices , Musica Sacra) from Voices for Peace successfully into the overall ranking - congratulations to both choirs!

Germany has also made it into the TOP 1000: The youth chamber choir St. Margareta achieved a category victory for Sacred Choir Music and a gold medal in the Youth Choir category in Maastricht - which makes place 142 in the overall ranking!

The top of the TOP 1000 remains unchanged and, as in the past seven years, is led by the Stellenbosch University Choir from South Africa under the leadership of André van der Merwe. But only 14 points separate this top choir from the runner-up, the Kamerniy Devichiy Khor by Lysenko from the Ukraine led by Julia Puchko-Kolesnik. We will have to wait and see whether there will be a change at the top this year, or whether the upcoming World Choir Games 2020 in Belgium might tip the scales.

The complete list of the best 1000 choirs of the INTERKULTUR world can be found here. The separate lists of the individual choir types and genres have also been updated and are now available on our website.