The first Online Choir Competition of INTERKULTUR © INTERKULTUR

INTERKULTUR Video Award: First videos published!

"Choirs A Cappella" at INTERKULTUR's first online choir competition

INTERKULTUR's first Online Choir Competition was a great success: 128 virtual choir videos from 44 countries and regions were submitted to compete either in the category "Choirs A Capella" or in the "Choirs With Accompaniment" category. The international jury is now reviewing all the videos to see if they meet the regulations and evaluates them to determine a winner, which will be announced on July 15, 2020 during the Closing Show of the Virtual Choir Games

On July 6, which would have been the first day of competitions at the World Choir Games 2020 in Flanders, the videos that were submitted to compete in the "Choirs with accompaniment" category were published in a playlist on

On July 12 - the original first competition day of the second part of the World Choir Games 2020 - the videos submitted to the "Choirs a cappella" category will follow on the same web page.