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"HELLO COUNCIL" makes its return for 2021

Musica Mundi Academy Pedagogical Actions continue

"Hello Council" is the series of live talk and online pedagogical workshop organized by INTERKULTUR China under the support of INTERKULTUR and World Choir Council. The project "Hello Council" first came on live on August 28 and thus followed by wonderful episodes in the 4th quarter of 2020. After the recharge during the holiday season, the "Hello Council" 2021 made its way back last week on March 12th with guest speakers Mr Meng Dapeng from China and Ms Maria Emma Meligopoulou from Greece. Both of the guest speakers are World Choir Council members, and well-known globally in the field of children and youth choir.

The "Hello Council" live talk focused on children and youth choir. The guest speakers expressed their thoughts accordingly, in view of where they are from. Both China and Europe (Greece) are children and youth choir active areas and the Chinese audience were eager to learn and communicate. Meng stressed on the point that it could be difficult for young choirs to feel love and passion for choral singing itself if too focused on competing and winning. Maria brought videos of her own choir as example for the presentation and it had blown away everyone's mind by how beautiful the choir sounded.

Roughly 300 people had been interested in participating in the first “Hello Council” meeting in 2021, so the seminar which was limited to 200 participants was booked out quickly.

The "Hello Council" series live talk will continue to bring the newest information and cherish the choral community utmost. The 5th "Hello Council" will be in April. Stay in tuned and feel free to contact joy.rantao(at)interkultur.com.cn for more details.