INTERKULTUR President © Günter Titsch

Happy Birthday, Günter Titsch!

INTERKULTUR President turns 75

Günter Titsch

Today, January 28, the President of INTERKULTUR and founder of the World Choir Games, Günter Titsch turns 75 years old. Congratulations! 

On this occasion we would like to take a look back to his life work: more than 30 years of INTERKULTUR. 

30 years of INTERKULTUR - that is more than 30 years of work for international understanding, for choral singing, for peace among people. Günter Titsch has spent a large part of his life building bridges between people and making a small contribution to the greater whole: to harmony and friendship between the peoples, countries and states of the world. And through his work, the worldwide network of INTERKULTUR has grown and more and more people have joined the mission of bringing people together and building bridges through song.

Günter's visionary work has made possible very emotional, unique moments of international cultural exchange that will remain in the memories of singers, conductors, but also of team members, partners and friends forever. INTERKULTUR has become one big family during the years which spreads around the whole world and looks back on numerous shared memories and important experiences in the life of each individual member. Such experiences have made us and our lives rich - and we thank Günter from the bottom of our hearts for this! Congratulations on your 75th birthday, dear Günter! 

INTERKULTUR.TV takes the opportunity today not only to show how INTERKULTUR turned from a simple vision into global success in 30 years, but also provides an insight in the life of the man who invented this unique idea: Günter Titsch. Starting at 10:00 AM the first videos will broadcast on followed by more episodes on 12:00 h, 14:00 h, 16:00 h and 18:00 h. This video series is not only to give an insight into the last 30 years of international cooperation and development, but also to inspire people and show the ways we want to go in the future. Together with all our friends and partners we will continue to work for the choirs of the world and unite people in song in the years and decades to come!

Tune in and get inspired!