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“Greetings to Gangneung” Talk Show: Chinese Chorus, Chinese Champions, Chinese Dream

Countdown Events for the 12th World Choir Games Gangneung, Republic of Korea

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As one of a series of the Countdown Events for the 12th World Choir Games Gangneung, Republic of Korea, “Greetings to Gangneung” Talk Show organized by INTERKULTUR China was successfully held at 20:00 CST on July 8, 2022. This live show specially invited four World Choir Games champion choirs conductors and team leader - conductor of Guangdong Experimental Middle School Choir Mr. Xie Mingjing, conductor of Student Choir of Nankai University Prof. Meng Chaomei, choir leader of Hunan Zhiqing Art Troupe Mr. Guo Xiaoming and conductor of Guangzhou Little Petrel Children’s Choir Mr. Diao Zhijun, as well as Prof. Wu Lingfen and Mr. Meng Dapeng, two Chinese representatives of the World Choir Council and jury experts of WCG. This live show focuses on the topic of "Back to World Choir Games". Nearly 200 Chinese audience participated in the live broadcast, and more than 20,000 people watched the review video.

Under the host of Ms. Hu Tingting, the project director, and Mr. Diao Zhijun, this live show began with a greeting video sent by the honorary artistic presidency of INTERKULTUR&WCG Prof. Zheng Xiaoying, representatives of Chinese Choral Association and CHORUS-CHINA, members of WCC and several choirs from China. Mr. Xie Mingjing firstly began to share, whose choir has won the champion of WCGs for 13 times since the 1st Choir Olympic-World Choir Games in 2000 and now ranks first in the INTERKULTUR World Rankings - Folklore. He took contemporary chorus works as an example to introduce to the audience how to shape "Chinese chorus sound", and put forward the frontier imagination of Chinese chorus to the world.

The Student Choir of Nankai University has won the champion of the category of scenic folklore in the WCGs for three times. They have integrated Chinese Peking Opera, folk art and chorus art, and bred a number of Chinese cultural chorus works with unique Nankai characteristics. Prof. Meng Chaomei said, "Thank you for the INTERKULTUR and World Choir Games, which enables world music to participate in the same chorus platform from different directions. We have met the category of scenic folklore, through which we can spread Chinese culture. This is the mission of Chinese choirs." 

Behind the champions is the Chinese dream of every choir leader and conductor. Mr. Guo Xiaoming has an extraordinary life experience. As a successful business man, he has supported his choir with the funds he earned from running other businesses for more than 20 years, building it into a world-famous excellent choir step by step, and won the champion of the category of senior choirs in WCGs twice. He specially created a poem named "Long Live the Chorus" for this live show, which says, "A long time ago, we had a dream to stand on the podium of the World Choir Games. After more than ten years of hard pursuit, singing Hunan folk songs, the dream finally came true gloriously!"

This live show was supported by the World Choir Council. As special guests, Prof. Wu Lingfen and Mr. Meng Dapeng, Chinese representatives of WCC and WCGs jury experts, commented on the performance of the Chinese choirs in WCGs in recent years from the perspective of the judges, popularized the "MUSICA MUNDI" Evaluation System for the audience, and provided preparation suggestions for the choirs preparing to participate in the 12th WCG. Li Qixuan, the project manager, said, "In the next 'Hello Council' series live shows, we will also add more popular content to attract more Chinese and foreign choirs to attend the WCGs."