Cheering choir at Award Ceremony © Jonas Persson
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Further development of the INTERKULTUR World Rankings

New list to be published on March 4

On 4 March INTERKULTUR will publish a new update of its World Rankings, but this time with an essential innovation: A new bonus system has been developed which will be applied to all events of the last five years (2015-2020) and will thus lead to exciting changes in the ranking!

"Meanwhile, more than 10,000 choirs have taken part in over 230 INTERKULTUR events around the world and participated in an international cultural exchange of choirs. Under the premise of preserving and respecting quality, we wanted to pay more attention to the choirs and encourage them to put emphasis on long-term and continuous quality improvement and artistic practice instead of exclusively considering the direction and quality of a choir in one competition. Quality and progress have been an important basis for the introduction of this bonus system”, says INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch with regard to the new World Rankings. 

In addition to the overall result achieved at the INTERKULTUR choir competitions, the new bonus system primarily rewards category wins and participation in several events.

The new regulations at a glance:

For each category win in an INTERKULTUR competition a choir will receive 2 bonus points, regardless of the type of event (major or smaller-sized events).

For each participation in The Champions Competition of the World Choir Games (WCG) or the Grand Prix of Nations in the last 5 years a choir receives 6 bonus points.

For each participation in a Champions Competition of the European Choir Games (ECG) or Asia Pacific Choir Games (APCG) in the last 5 years a choir receives 4 bonus points.

For each participation in the Open Competition of the WCG, ECG or APCG as well as in all other INTERKULTUR competitions of the last 5 years a choir receives 2 bonus points.

INTERKULTUR has been counting the achievements of amateur choirs since roughly 20 years, based on the MUSICA MUNDI Evaluation System and the World Choir Games Evaluation System, which includes a fair, transparent, professional and scientific evaluation confirming development and success, in order to appreciate the results of the choir competitions in its World Rankings – the only ranking of its kind worldwide. The 20th anniversary of the World Choir Games in July was a perfect occasion to revise the system for the calculation of the World Rankings in 2020 and make these significant adjustments. Based on the new World Rankings, outstanding performances and choirs will also be specially presented in the course of the year.

The new INTERKULTUR World Rankings will be published here from March 4 onwards. You may be curious!