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Choral Networking with INTERKULTUR

Informative presentation in Barcelona at the International Choral Symposium

2018 will mark INTERKULTUR’s 30th annniversary as the proud home of a worldwide choral network of approximately 120.000 choirs. What could better testify for this long experience and quality in choral management than the vast array of participation opportunities INTERKULTUR events offer. 2017 competitive destinations are names like Assisi, Malaga, Hoi An, Linz, Wernigerode, Riga, Poreč, Kalamata, Colombo, Calella.

But attractions are many for the non-competitive enthusiasts as well, since INTERKULTUR’s ON STAGE series are like a choral rollercoaster to the world’s top destinations with cities like Verona, Stockholm, Florence, Barcelona, Brussels, Lisbon, Paris, and Prague.

And for the individual singers? The annual Sing Along series has gathered singers from all over the world year by year in performances which are sure to remain long in every participant’s memory.

INTERKULTUR’s ideal of spreading choral music culminates in a powerful cooperation with the European Broadcasting Union for the TV competition “Eurovision Choir of The Year”, which will be an addition to the “Eurovision Song Contest”.

The 45-minutes presentation about Choral Networking with INTERKULTUR will happen on July 29 in UPF CAMPUS CIUTADELLA –AUDITORI starting at 14:30h.