Awarding of the "World Peace Prize of the Choir Olympics", Stuttgart 2006 © INTERKULTUR

Choral legend Gotthilf Fischer passed away

INTERKULTUR mourns the loss of a good friend and supporter


Gotthilf Fischer, founder of the Fischer Choirs and thus one of the most famous and renowned choir directors in Germany, passed away last Friday, December 11, 2020, at the age of 92. INTERKULTUR with President Günter Titsch and Vice President Wang Qin mourn the loss of a good friend who supported the organization with great personal commitment since its founding years.

Fischer became known through the Fischer Choirs he founded, with which he released more than 50 recordings and was awarded several gold records. Already at the age of 14, the passionate singer founded his first choir and in the following years took over the direction of various choral associations in his Swabian homeland.

Fischer also remained closely connected to the region of Hesse and INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch for many years: As early as 1988/89, Gotthilf Fischer and Günter Titsch were looking together for singers for a special TV choir in the program "Songs that are like bridges" to build just such a bridge to the former Soviet Union. At the same time in Hungary they built up a German-Hungarian choir network, from which the 1st International Choir Competition Budapest 1988, the first INTERKULTUR competition ever, emerged.

Gotthilf Fischer was also an active advisor and supporter of the World Choir Games, founded in 2000, and acted for many years as the official Honorary Ambassador of the World Choir Games.

For his services Gotthilf Fischer was awarded the "World Peace Prize of the Choir Olympics" in 2006 by INTERKULTUR and the World Choir Council. In the laudation for this prize it says: "For decades Gotthilf Fischer has been a person who has overcome borders and brought people together with and through music. He has built spiritual bridges with his music, so that the 'border traffic' between cultures, peoples and religions experiences new impulses. In his musical work, the idea of acceptance and respect for others, as well as the efforts for peace in the world, find impressive expression." The award was presented to him by the former President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Dr. h.c. Walter Scheel (†), and INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch at a ceremony in Stuttgart.

Gotthilf Fischer also actively supported INTERKULTUR and its choral events until the end. In 2015, he was still present as a guest of honor at the European Choir Games in Magdeburg, where he was able to inspire participants, visitors and locals alike with an Open Singing in the city.

His personality and his tireless efforts have left a lasting mark on German choral culture - also internationally. In particular, he dedicated his work to German folk songs. With his television show "Straße der Lieder" (until 2008) Gotthilf Fischer brought millions of folk music fans in front of their screens and he was twice awarded the Federal Cross of Merit for special services to the German folk song.

The whole INTERKULTUR team is in thoughts with his family and closest friends and wishes them all much strength in this difficult time!

Awarding of the "World Peace Prize of the Choir Olympics", Stuttgart 2006 © INTERKULTUR