Robert Schumann Choir Competition at the Konzert- und Ballhaus "Neue Welt" © Roger Schmidt

Zwickau celebrates the great composer Robert Schumann

Program of the Schumann-Fest Zwickau and the International Choir Competition announced

Int. Robert Schumann Choir Competition

In 2018 the Saxon city of Zwickau focusses on its 900th anniversary. From May 31 to June 10 the celebrations will showcase the city’s great son, the composer Robert Schumann (1810-1856). This year the annual Schumann-Fest Zwickau and the four-yearly International Robert Schumann Choir Competition will collaborate to honor the composer for then days with a varied program and international guests.

On March 1, along with the Director of the Cultural Office, Michael Löffler and the Director of the Schumannhaus Zwickau, Thomas Synofzik, the Artistic Director of the choir competition, Ralf Eisenbeiß, and the former Mayor of the city of Zwickau, Rainer Eichhorn as INTERKULTUR representatives announced the program of the Schumann-Fest Zwickau and the choir competition to the public.

Preparations in the city and at INTERKULTUR are running smoothly, they pool all strengths in order to drive forth the Schumann-Fest Zwickau and the choir competition. The highlight of the collaboration will be the Romantic Light Festival on June 8 celebrating the 208th birthday of composer Robert Schumann. In a wonderful atmosphere, surrounded by many lights and lanterns, participating choirs will inspire the audience with international choral music at many Open Air stages around the Schwanenteich in Zwickau.

To date 16 choirs from 12 nations have registered for the event. Among them is the female choir “Sirene” from Istanbul –a really outstanding choir, according to Ralf Eisenbeiß. People can be especially curious about this choir’s presentation of Schumann’s works in June.

Tickets for the Opening Concert and the Grand Prize Competition are available at the Konzert- und Ballhaus “Neue Welt” in Zwickau as well as all ticket offices on site, and online at Competitions and Friendship Concerts are also open to the public, free of charge.

The detailed event program will presumably be available in May 2018 at the official event website. Also follow the event’s Facebook page for more updates.