Voices for Peace 2017 © INTERKULTUR

“Voices for Peace” opens in Perugia and Assisi

12 choirs from 9 nations will be part of the choir festival

Since 30 years INTERKULTUR is dedicated to the cause of peace, singing as the universal language in the world and international understanding through its peaceful choir competitions and festivals. INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch is convinced of the power of song, as he states in his greeting to the “Voices for Peace” participants who will sing together in the festival's Opening Service for the first time tonight:

"Singing in a chorus is perhaps the most prodigious and effective means available to man to spread messages of peace, brotherhood, and solidarity with his fellows and to tighten bonds of friendship with them.”

“Voices for Peace” is very special this year, as it marks the 200th international choir festival organized by INTERKULTUR since 1988. It takes place around St. Francis’ birthplace in Perugia and Assisi and there’s no other place in the world where the voices of the world could better raise for the matter of peace.

The Opening Service will be held in Assisi’s San Rufino Cathedral tonight and is also dedicated to “Pacem in Terris”, referring to the famous papal encyclical issued by Pope John XXIII on 11 April 1963.

The upcoming festival days will be filled with choir competitions in different categories held in Perugia as well as Church and Friendship Concerts in the evenings. On Saturday, April 7, the results from the competitions will be announced at the Closing Concert & Awards Ceremony starting at 16:00 h in the Basilica San Domenico in Perugia.

More about the event can be found on the official website and in the detailed program book. For photos and some more impressions from Perugia and Assisi, please also follow the event’s Facebook page.