Twice as much reason to celebrate in Zwickau in 2018

Robert Schumann Choir Competition marks a double anniversary

Int. Robert Schumann Choir Competition

This year the German town of Zwickau has two reasons to party: 900 years of the city’s history meet the 25th anniversary of the new unveiling of Robert Schumann’s memorial on the occasion of the 8th Robert Schumann Choir Festival 2018. 17 choirs from 11 nations will commemorate and celebrate together the works and the life of the outstanding German composer by performing his choral music.

The INTERKULTUR event starts with the traditional Opening Concert at 19:30 at the Konzert- and Ballhaus „Neue Welt“. The Vladimir Boys And Young Men‘s Choir from Russia, the Ising Silicon Valley Girlchoir from the USA, Sirene from Turkey and the Rundfunk-Jugendchor Wernigerode from Germany welcome the audience with a strong-voiced first impression of the days to come.

On Thursday the whole day competitions take place in the categories Mixed, Female and Male Choirs as well as Chamber Choirs of Equal Voices, who will sing for the jury’s favor, starting at 19:30 at the Konzert- and Ballhaus „Neue Welt“.

On Friday, 8th June, the darlings of the audience, Children’s and Youth Choirs, will compete at 14:00 at the same venue. At 17:00 the choirs will gather at Robert Schumann’s memorial to commemorate this outstanding composer and the event’s name giver. The following colorful Light Festival at the Schwanenteich in Zwickau at 18:00 will conclude the 3rd day of the competition with performances of the international participating choirs on 7 different stages.

On Saturday at 11:00 interested listeners are welcome to an international friendship concert at the Arcaden featuring the Children’s Choir “Solo Musica”/ Ukraine, Bai Gezi/ China, Schreiner University Choir/ USA and the Blue Singers Manado/ Indonesia, followed by one of the most popular categories at 15:00, the Sacred Choir Music competition at the Konzert- und Ballhaus „Neue Welt“.

At 19:30 the winners of each category will enter the stage once again in order to reach for the Robert Schumann Choir Prize. Afterwards the Award Ceremony for all participating choirs concludes the event and sees audience, singers and guests off while hoping to welcome all of them back to the 9th edition of the Robert Schumann Choir Competition in 2022.

Impressions and more updates from the event can be found at the official Facebook page.