Touching Nature, China © Touching Nature

Touching Nature: Chinese choir travels to Istria

Registration deadline for ISTRAMUSIC is coming closer

ISTRAMUSICA is the 2017 innovation among the INTERKULTUR events. It’s the first 4-weeks-long festival and offers you the opportunity to determine how and when your choir makes an appearance. Over the course of one month, between 9 September and 8 October 2017, choirs can decide where and when to perform, join workshops or even compete in a choir competition.

One choir that has already decided to join the event is Touching Nature from China. Touching Nature is an amateur chamber choir founded in May 2009 with singers from different working backgrounds, but sharing the same passion for music and choir. The group focusses on European madrigals and excellent religious music works. Touching Nature hopes to learn more about choral history, carry out better interpretation of choral works and improve singing skills through practice and study of madrigals and religious works, in order to show a natural and clear interpretation of these works and explore their own style and charm.

The conductor of Touching Nature, Professor Huang Jian was graduated from School of Composition, China Conservatory in 1980s and is now working as Director of National Cultural Education Center in Beijing University of Technology. He also conducted Touching Nature when participating in the 8th World Choir Games in Latvia 2014, where the singers were awarded a Silver Diploma-Level X in Musica Sacra a cappella.

Touching Nature has decided to enter the choir competition of “ISTRAMUSICA”. Keep your fingers crossed for them joining the Sacred Music a cappella category!

If you also want to be part of ISTRAMUSICA, check out the official event website for detailed information. Registration is still open until April 24!