Choir Parade, Grado 2016 © INTERKULTUR
Isola del Sole

The songs at the sun island of Grado

9th Isola del Sola features 16 nations on stage

9 is considered as a number of perfection as it contains 3 times the the divine number of 3 – and so we have high hopes that the 9th edition of this event will likewise become a perfect one for singers and the choral community.

On Wednesday, September 26, 2018, INTERKULTUR’s Isola del Sole begins at 17:30 with the traditional choir parade at the Piazza Biagio Marin. Citizens, choir fans and guests are invited to welcome the 22 choirs from 16 nations and 3 continents and get a first impression about the music which awaits the choral community during the next days. The parade ends in the Opening Concert at 18:00 at Grado‘s Congress Centre, which presents choral sounds from Indonesia, Denmark, Poland, the Netherlands and Sweden.

The morning of Thursday, September 27, 2018, is completely packed with rehearsals, but in the afternoon the first competition starts at 15:00 at the Congress Centre for Mixed, Male and Female Choirs. On the same day Male a cappella Male and Mixed Choirs will compete at 17:00 at the Basilica Sant’Eufemia. At 21:00 the eventful day will fade out with a Friendship Concert at the Palacongressi & Basilica Sant’Eufemia.

Two popular competitions will be held on the same day: Children’s and Youth Choirs as well as Sacred Choral Music enter the stage on Friday, September 28, 2018, at 10:00 at the Basilica Sant’Eufemia (category S) and at 16:00 at the Congress Centre (categories G). Additionally there will be an extra treat for choral music lovers: 3 Friendship Concerts will take place on this day so that at 18:00 and 20:30 at the Palacongressi & at 21:00 at the Basilica Sant‘ Eufemia the participating choirs come together in order to share their passion for choral music with the audience.

Time for Early Birds: 9 choirs from Israel, South Africa, Czech Republic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy and Sweden will sing on Saturday, September 29, 2018, and showcase their regional music culture in the category Folklore at 09:30 at the Congress Centre. The overall category winners will then assemble and compete for the Grand Prize at 17:00 at the Congress Centre and afterwards all singers are invited to celebrate their successes during the following Award Ceremony.

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