Folk Group "Jane", Croatia © Kenneth Bassett

Start now and design your next choral experience!

Six month to go to "ISTRAMUSICA"

ISTRAMUSICA is INTERKULTUR’s brand new event which will definitely bring surprises in everyone’s choral experiece. Scheduled to be held in Croatia’s beautiful city of Poreč, 9 September – 8 October, 2017, the event will give you and your choir full flexibility to decide your own when-s, how-s and where-s.

It's six month to go now, so let’s get down to more details as to what you can do and how you can bring your ideas to life! Here are all the options you can customise to your preferences:

Concerts at churches and/or concert halls
Whether you prefer small or large scale concerts, Poreč offers countless opportunities. You could choose to sing in some of its greatest attractions, such as the Euphrasian Basilica, The Church of Our Lady of the Angels or The Istrian Assembly Hall and its charming Renaissance-style room.

Open-Air Concerts
With a special location in mind, we have chosen the two best open-air stages in Poreč, one at the city’s harbor, put up especially for the occasion, and one at the city’s main square, especially suited for both planned and spontaneous, smaller or informal performances as well as Friendship Concerts.

Gala Concerts
Best suited for weekends, these concerts are for all choirs excited to join and contribute their proficiency level for either half or all the evening. If you’ve got exciting and engaging programs, this is a great opportunity for you.

The month-long event includes two workshops running over several days for you to look forward to, each led by international experts from the world of pop and jazz. “Swing Istria” – Singing in jazz choir and jazz ensemble, 14-16 September, and “Poreč POP” – Singing in Popchor and Pop Ensemble, 21-24 September, are both open to singers of all skill levels. Evaluation performance
Choirs that opt for an Evaluation Performance before a competition are always very pleased with the suggestions they get from the recognized experts in choral music. So, go ahead and strive for success and excellence!

Individual Coachings have always been a great opportunity to work with internationally acclaimed conductors. Why not grab this chance to release your unexpected potential and see with your own eyes the great positive effect it will have on your further activities.

As the highlight of our one-month ISTRAMUSICA Festival, all choirs are invited to participate in the INTERKULTUR Choir Competition, long known for excellence in both organization and execution of choral events.

What is more, choirs can compete for the ISTRAMUSICA Grand Prize to win the amount of 2000 Euro.

What are you waiting for? Join us at ISTRAMUSICA and be the design of your next choral adventure! Registration deadline ends on April 24. Find out more here.