Gifu Mukunoki Choir, Japan © Melissa Speelman
Sing'n'Pray Kobe

Sing'n'Pray Kobe 2018 - Remembering the ones lost

Choral commemoration unites singers of all faiths and nations in Japan

This INTERKULTUR event from January 25 - 29, 2018, combined with the so called "Pray from Kobe Concert" in Japan, commemorates the victims of the huge earthquake and tsunami around Fukushima on the east side of Japan in March 2011. By singing and praying for the people who lost their lives during these natural disasters, the participants and the audience alike honor and recall the 6.434 lives that were lost.

Since 2012 people from all over the world and all kinds of different religions have been united in this choral commemoration, the “Pray for Cobe concert”, and thus the first INTERKULTUR event in Japan will also focus on the spiritual leitmotif of this event. For this reason – in accordance with the basic idea of “Sing’n’Pray Kobe” – there will only be one category offered for the competition part of the event: “Music of Spirit and Faith”.

In this category choirs may perform music of all religions, churches and denominations, as well as general songs of spirit and faith. The possibilities to choose a proper repertoire are manifold thus, and at the same time the main thought of the event – Sing and Pray – will also proceed in the competition.

Apart from participating in the competition, choirs have also the option to take part in the festival as well as Friendship Concerts with other international choirs which will take place at public places throughout Kobe. Currently more than 600 Japanese singers will be gathering in Kobe and international choirs are also welcome to sing for peace in the world in the beautiful Kobe Bunka Hall.

Registration for “Sing’n’Pray Kobe 2018” is still possible, check out all the details here.