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Opening Day in Corfu full of harmon(y)ies

Friendship Concerts, Competition performances, Opening Concert…

Corfu International Festival & Choir Competition

The first day of the Corfu International Festival and Choir Competition had a promising start yesterday: Even before the event’s official Opening Concert in the evening the music already started in the morning with a Friendship Concert at M. Theotoki Square (San Giacomo). The audience was really appreciative and gave a fantastic response to choirs from Greece (Koryfó), Serbia (Lúčnica Chorus ) and Great Britain (Funky Voices).

Six choirs also had their first competition performances in the Folklore category in the afternoon of the Opening day of this choir event in Corfu, before in the evening the official Opening Concert took place on the Open Air Stage of Corfu’s Old Fortress in front of the magnificent backdrop of St. Georgios Temple. Singing and listening to great music in front of a breathtaking ocean view – what a stunning and unique setting for the evening, much-loved by the audience!

Not only the setting, but also the choirs on stage were highly acclaimed throughout the concert. They all presented an outstanding performance – a promising preview of the choir competition, which will take place during the next days in Corfu. Their programs took the audience on a musical journey around the world: It started in Greece with Paidiki Chorodia Kerkyras who came on stage to welcome the international guests. They were followed by Grupo Vocal Arsis Nova from Argentina, Shenyang Radio and Television Children’s Choir from China, Nilüfer Polifonic Choir from Turkey, the Estonian National Girls’ Choir LEELO and Suanplu Choir from Thailand.

They all shared one stage at the culminating final of the concert: All participants and people in the audience sang together the traditional Corfiot song “Laloon t’aethonia”, conducted by Anthony Ivanov, director of the hosting San Giacomo΄ Municipal Choir.

The Corfu International Festival and Choir Competition is still running until September 16 in Corfu. More information about the event is available here. For more updates, photos and videos please follow the festival’s official Facebook page!

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