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International Choir Competition Kyiv

New destination for choral singing

First International Choir Competition Kyiv 2020 in the Ukraine

INTERKULTUR fills another blank in its map of choral singing events next year: The Ukrainian capital Kyiv will host the first International Choir Competition Kyiv from August 27-31, 2020.

INTERKULTUR Vice President Stefan Bohländer emphasized during a press conference in Kyiv:

“From a cultural point of view it is important for the choirs from abroad not only to present their own program and culture to their hosts but also to learn and experience as much as possible from the cultural heritage of the hosting country. Together with our Ukrainian partners we will be able to showcase what is the best of its culture, its hospitality, its cuisine and the kindness of its people.”

A special highlight of the newly introduced competition in Kyiv will be its excellent venues: Choirs will have the opportunity to sing in the National Philharmonic and thus follow the tracks of renowned artists, such as Franz Liszt, Leonard Berstein, and Sergej Rachmaninow.

Further, the new event in the Ukraine promises an inspiring exchange for singers from all over Europe and the world: The high level of choral music from the Ukraine has been proven at many INTERKULTUR events in the past and is also reflected by the INTERKULTUR World Rankings of the best choirs in the world: Kamerniy Devichiy Khor by Lysenko (conducted by Julia Puchko-Kolesnik) gets second place here, just behind Stellenbosch University Choir from South Africa.

More information about participation opportunities and registration for the first International Choir Competition Kyiv are available here.