INTERKULTUR season 2019 starts in Maastricht

International Choir Competition attracts 26 choirs from 7 nations

International Choir Competition Maastricht

The date for the Opening Concert of the first International Choir Competition Maastricht was well chosen: Exactly 27 years ago, on February 7, 2020, the “Maastricht Treaty” was signed and marked the foundation of the European Union.

This historic date added a special atmosphere to the Opening Concert of the premiere event of the International Choir Competition Maastricht. 23 choirs from 7 nations had come to listen to the first tunes of this first INTERKULTUR event in the Netherlands in order to celebrate a festival of cross-cultural, international friendship and understanding.

The Opening Concert gave a perfect insight in choral music traditions in countries like Germany, Finland, Japan and the host country Netherlands and featured an interesting cross-section of choral genres and choral singing.

During the concert one of the international jury members brought all singers in the audience together in a short performance. Anders Jalkéus, former bass singer at The Real Group and famous Swedish singer, artist, entertainer and musician led the audience to a special challenge: He worked with them on body percussion along with singing – not that easy, but everybody gave it a try and had much fun!

The International Choir Competition Maastricht will still be running until February 11. During the upcoming days choirs will perform in Friendship Concerts and compete in competitions of different levels and genres. On Sunday evening (February 10), they will learn the results from their performances in a festive Awards Ceremony.

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