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Int. Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl

First Gala Concert in Bad Ischl

Six international choirs will present a wonderful choral world

This evening at 7 p.m. the 13th International Choir Comeptition and Festival Bad Ischl will be opened with a first Gala Concert in the Kongress & TheaterHaus. Six choirs from Latvia, the Faroe Islands, South Africa, Estonia and Austria will present a concert program consisting of choral music from all parts of the world.

First of all, we can look forward to traditional sounds from Latvia performed by the Children's Choir "Nošu planētas" and its conductors Rudīte Tālberga & Anitra Niedre. After that the choir Gøtu Kirkju Ungdómskór from the Faroe Islands and the Hermanus Pro Musica Choir from South Africa will take you to their musical homeland. Traditional works such as the spiritual "Climbin’ up the mountain" (arranged by Henry Smith)  or "Sig mær, hví er foldin føgur" by the well-known Faroese composer Rasmussen Sunleif are some of the pieces we can enjoy today.

Following the Estinoan Choir Tartu Neidudekoor Kurekell will perform a life-affirming composition by our jury member Mia Makaroff: "Butterfly" The choral pieces deals with the fact that life is a moment, which shouldn't be wasted on cruelty and anger and every moment in your life should be filled with love. With Estonian folklore and pirate songs, performed by the  Men’s Choir Tartu Akadeemiline Meeskoor the musical journey will end in Austria.

Beside the pop musical program the Chor der Technischen Universität Wien contucted by Andreas Ipp will present also a traditional piece from Austria, "Hintn bei da Stadltur".

We are looking forward to the varied concert program and all interested people and choral lovers are warmly invited, to join the journey through the wonderful world of choral music.

The entry for the Gala Concert is free of charge! All information about the detailed concert program can be found in our program book.