Helsingborg © Ninna Lindblad
Helsingborgs Körfestival

Early Birds fly off to Helsingborgs Körfestival

INTERKULTUR’s international choir competition goes to Sweden

Helsingborg’s cultural live offers a wide range of musical activities and concerts that is thriving in recent years. Fans of classic, jazz and modern music find what they are looking for. But its beginnings are quite young and date back only to the 19th century:

During the 19th century public concerts remained a rather unusual event in Helsingborg. Only a few music ensembles performed at the mineral springs of the city in order to entertain those seeking wellness at the two main wells Sofiakällan and Ramlösa. The music corps of the Hussar regiment also gave some public concerts now and then. But two chamber music concerts changed the Helsingborg’s music scene significantly: As a result of the outstanding public response regarding these concerts the Helsingborg Music Association was founded in 1896.

Regular concerts and the construction of a concert hall in 1932 gave the citizen’s love of music a boost which lasts until today. Nowadays the range of music comprises classic as well as modern music – and of course choral events with e.g. the Chamber Choir Helsingborg, the Chamber Music Association Helsingborg or the Vocal Ensemble Helsingborg.

INTERKULTUR’s Helsingborgs Körfestival, which will take place from May 09-13, 2018 offers you the chance to get in touch with the lively Swedish choral community, make new friends with other international choirs and to put your choir’s abilities to the test.

Benefit from the Early Bird discount and register until October 09, 2017. Var välkommen – be welcome! More details here.