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International Choir Competition Maastricht

Dutch choirs look forward to meet international choral fellows

Registration Deadline for International Choir Competition Maastricht ends on September 24

From February 7-11, 2019 INTERKULTUR premiers in the Netherlands and has promising news: The International Choir Competition Maastricht attracts the local choral scene. There are already six choirs from the Netherlands registered for the even. Their biographies promise a varied and entertaining choral program:

Kamerkoor Vocoza from Amsterdam consists of 24 proficient amateur singers who together reach a fairly professional level. They’re looking for new crossovers between choral music, theater and arts. In spring 2015 Kamerkoor Vocoza was in the pre-program of the renowned Netherlands Kamerkoor.

@NOON is an ambitious and dynamic a cappella vocal group from Arnhem. The group was founded in December 2016 and consists of seven singers: one bariton, three sopranos and three altos, including founder Petra Limon. With their diverse repertoire, nice sound and high energy on stage a surprising performance is guaranteed!

Souvenir Jeugdkoor (The Souvenir Youth Choir) is based in Tilburg and consists of young singers aged 6-12. The choir’s repertoire is very wide and diverse and runs from Bach to Beatles and from Haydn to Hazes. So the children develop and shape their young voices in the best possible way, especially not one-sidedly. In addition to singing with pleasure, music theory, vocal training and choir training during rehearsals are also permanent components.

Performances by Veldhoven based Vocal Group Just Us are never static. A single concert will feature close harmony with touches of classical choral pieces, jazz and a cappella pop in various languages. Any musical style is tackled in principle while the group has gradually been developing its own sound. The aim of the group is to set out to perform music in an entertaining but involved way.

Vocal Group Odeon strives for perfection in music but is actually more than just that. It is a combination of theater and a cappella music to entertain the audience’s ears and eyes, often with a little humorist twist. In Maastricht the group is best known for our theatre shows.

2Enjoy Vocal Group is originally based in Maastricht as well and consists currently of 37 members. People generally recognize the group because of the enthusiastic drive put in their performances. Their aim is to stand for fun and good quality. 2Enjoy brings an extensive repertoire, like own arranged pieces, ballads, up-tempo songs and current top 40 hits.

The International Choir Competition Maastricht offers competition categories for Mixed, Male and Female Choirs, as well as Children’s Choirs and especially great opportunities for Sacred Music and Jazz & Pop. There are also ample non-competitive activities such as Individual Coaching, Evaluation Performances or Friendship Concerts.

The registration deadline for this event ends September 24, 2018. Learn more about participation and registration conditions at here.