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Canta al mar - Festival Coral Internacional

Colorful flags, splendid sunshine and „Amigos para siempre“

Canta al mar 2017 has been opened

23 degrees and splendid sunshine accompanied the participating choirs of Canta al mar – Festival Coral Internacional 2017 on Wednesday afternoon to the official Opening at the park Pati de l’Ós in Calella.

Dressed in colorful costumes, waving many flags and presenting wonderful singing the choirs paraded through the narrow streets of Calella Old Town and showcased themselves to residents and tourists, who already experience the event as an annual highlight.

Also in the park – featuring a wonderful panoramic view of the city and the sea – everyone was still in high spirits. The choir Vocademia Universitas Indonesia performed very well and gave the participants a first insight into the sound choral music from the other side of the world. The choir Spectrum from Iceland completed this view of the world by performing pieces of their home country as well.

Spectrum also supported the audience when singing together “Peace of God”, conducted by Oscar Boada, the new Artistic Director of Canta al mar. Representing the city of Calella its councilor of cultural affairs, Xavier Arnijas was also there and warmly welcomed all participants on behalf of the host city.

Apart from the international atmosphere of the Opening the participants also got to know a part of Catalonian culture by learning together a traditional dance called “Sardana”. In high spirit and harmony they held each others hands – a nice gesture of solidarity, which continued in singing together the festival anthem “Amigos para siempre” at the closing of the welcome event.

In the evening the international participants met again in the church Santa Maria y San Nicolau for the official Opening Concert. Choirs from Estonia, China, South Africa and Bosnia and Herzegowina showcased music from their respective home countries in a concert full of atmosphere.

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