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Choral sound from 13 nations united

ISTRAMUSICA celebrates its second edition


After a successful start INTERKULTUR‘s choir event at the Croatian coast takes a second go-around: From September 22 - 26, 2018 international choirs meet for a mutual musical competition and inspirational choral meetings.

After the choirs have arrived and registered on Saturday, September 22, 2018, the traditional choir parade, which starts at the harbor at 15:30, marks the prelude of ISTRAMUSICA 2018 in Porec. At 16:00 the participants arrive at the Trg Slobode / Liberty Square, where they will be cordially welcomed by the city mayor and greeted with the official Opening Ceremony – a good opportunity for choral music lovers to get a first impression of the 16 participating choirs from 13 nations. In the evening the singers from the Czech Republic, Denmark, Latvia and Russia come together at 17:30 at the Trg Slobode / Liberty Square again for the first Friendship Concert of the event.

Sunday, September 23, 2018, starts with one of the audience’s favorites – Children’s Choirs – at 11:00 at the Istarska Sabornica / Istrian Assembly and will be continued with Mixed Youth Choirs at 12:00 at the same venue. At 16:00 the choral community has the chance to experience at Crkva Gospe od Anđela / Church Our Lady of the Angels three choral genres back-to back, when Mixed Choirs, Male and Female Choirs will perform. At 18:00 this day’s competitions end but the music continues: At 20:00 choirs from Lithuania, Germany, Italy and Russia will enter the stage at the Gradsko Kazalište / City Theater and conclude this eventful day with a Friendship Concert.

The following day starts the same way as the previous day ended: On Monday, September 24, 2018, a Friendship Concert takes place at the Eufrazijeva Bazilika / Basilica St Euphrasius and at the same time Sacred Choral Music a cappella will call choral music lovers to the Crkva Gospe od Anđela / Church Our Lady of the Angels, where German, Russian Swedish and Romanian ensembles will compete for top results. At 16:00 this event’s most popular category will entice the choral music community: Folklore presents ensembles with their traditional costumes as well as characteristic national choral works.

One of the highlights of the competition takes place on Tuesday, September 25, 2018: At the Grand Prize Competition in the Istarska Sabornica / Istrian Assembly at 11:00 the category winners and other outstanding choirs of all competitions will sing for the Grand Prize of the International Choir Competition & Festival ISTRAMUSICA 2018. At 16:00 all participating groups gather at the Trg Slobode / Liberty Square for the Award Ceremony and the festive Closing Ceremony. Afterwards all singers will celebrate at 17:00 during a joyful choir party their successes, memories and experiences.

Further details about ISTRAMUSICA 2018 are available at the event website or at Facebook!